video by Ian Sargent

video by Ian Sargent

Share Your Pour!

#PourHard to unleash the ultra silky smooth decadence of Left Hand’s Nitro series! From multiple bottles to extra long pours to downright beautiful cascades, we love seeing your hard pours! Tag your Nitro photo with #PourHard on social media for a chance to win a pair of Stout Glasses from Left Hand Brewing Co.!

Cans – Good to Go From the Can,
Like a Pro in a Glass

With widget inside technology, nitro fans can take the beer on the go and drink a perfectly smooth and creamy Milk Stout Nitro right from the can. While a glass is recommended for the perfect pint from any package, cans bring greater drinking versatility.

Pour Hard with Bottles

Is there anything quite like a Nitro pint? From the moment the beer hits the glass, a waterfall cascade of tiny bubbles swirls builds up through the body, culminating in a thick head on top like whipped cream. This different kind of beer, requires a different kind of pour. To get the ultimate Nitro pint, Pour Hard!

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    Keep Cold

    Beer is under pressure, keep cold and avoid shaking the bottle.
    Serve beer chilled at 40-45° – keep those Nitrogen molecules cold & happy!

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    Pour Hard

    Use a bottle opener and point away from self & others when opening.
    #PourHard! For a perfect pint, hard pour a Left Hand Nitro bottle at a 180 degrees in a 16oz glass.

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    Enjoy the Cascade

    Tiny bubbles of mesmerizing awesomeness! This is Nitrogen in your beer floating to the surface, building a head of epic proportions.

Pour Hard with Draft

Nitro Pouring Guidelines:

28–35 PSI

Using a clean glass, hold it at a 45º angle under the faucet. Fill the pint 3/4 full.
Pull the glass away from the faucet and allow the beer to cascade and settle.
Finish filling the pint so the head of the beer rises just above the rim of the glass.